Making a Booking

How can I book?

We have made our booking system extremely easy, you can make a booking through our website or alternatively you can call one of our friendly UK based travel experts on 0207 0303956 (Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 0900hrs to 2300hrs.

How can I pay?

All major cards are accepted or you can arrange a BACS transfer (details of our bank account are available on request). We accept cheques for balance payments (but not for deposit payments). If paying by cheque please ensure that the surname of the person who booked the holiday, the departure date and your booking reference are written on the reverse of the cheque. We do not accept post dated cheques.

Can I pay a deposit?

Yes, you can pay a deposit on most bookings. Deposit details are online or please call our friendly UK based travel experts and they sometimes can offer more flexible options or give further information.

When is the balance due?

This varies between Tour Operators; usually the balance will be due between 8 – 4 weeks prior to your departure. This will however be confirmed both on your invoice and at booking stage. If this is not paid you may risk your booking being cancelled.

Will I be sent a receipt?

Yes, emailed to you at time of booking.

Can I book without an email address?

Yes, you can do this by calling our friendly UK based travel experts. A small charge may apply if we need to send your confirmation by post.

Amendment / Cancellation Charges

We may have to charge amendment fees to change any component of your booking. What you will have to be charged, is any costs incurred by any of our suppliers in order to make your requested change. 

Altering an Existing Booking

What if I want to cancel or change my booking?

To comply with the Data Protection Act we are not allowed to make any changes or cancel the booking unless we speak to the named lead passenger. If you do make changes you will be required to put these changes in writing.

What if my flight is delayed?

In accordance with EU Legislation 2005 if your flight is delayed you will be assisted and cared for at the departure airport by an airline representative. To verify this Legislation you can view the Air Passenger Rights at

Please be aware that if you have booked your accommodation with 2Bookaholiday please advise us of any flight delays so we can contact the accommodation to advise them and so that they do not rebook your room.

What if my flight is cancelled?

It is rare that flights are completely cancelled but should this happen due to bad weather or aircraft problems it is beyond the travel provider’s control. In accordance with EU Legislation 2005 if your flight is cancelled you will be assisted and cared for at the departure airport by an airline representative. To verify this Legislation you can view the Air Passenger Rights at

Should a cancellation occur please advise 2Bookaholiday so we can contact the accommodation to advise them if you still intend to travel. If you decide not to travel you may be able to claim via your Travel Insurance Policy, depending on the type of cover.

What if I miss my flight?

Please advise us if you miss your flight as we may need to contact your accommodation or transfer providers to inform them of your new arrival times. 


What if my flight is delayed?

In accordance with EU Legislation 2005 if your flight is delayed you will be assisted and cared for at the departure airport by an airline representative. To verify this Legislation you can view the Air Passenger Rights at

Please be aware that if you have booked your accommodation with 2Bookaholiday please advise us of any flight delays so we can contact the accommodation to advise them and so that they do not rebook your room.

Can I pre-book my seats/extra leg room/excess luggage?

Yes this is possible but it depends on your airline. We suggest you contact us and we will find out on your behalf and check prices so we can inform you.

Can I book an in-flight meal?

With some charter flights you can pre book an in-flight meal. Most airlines are now 'buy on board.' You can usually state if you have any special dietary requirements

What if I am pregnant?

Up to 28 weeks pregnant you are permitted to travel, but if you wish to travel between 28 – 32 weeks, permission must be obtained from the airline and you must provide a doctor’s note stating that you are fit to travel before the date of travel. After 32 weeks you are not permitted to travel.

What if I have infants travelling with me?

Infants are not allowed to fly under 2 weeks of age, but must be less than 2 years of age by the return date of travel. Infants will be issued with a ticket but will not be allocated a seat, or have any luggage allowance.

What if I am disabled?

Please advise us at the time of your booking of any special requirements necessary for a disabled traveller. We can make the necessary arrangements for assistance at the airport, particularly for wheelchair users boarding the aircraft. If you require an adapted room with grab rails, low WCs etc. it is vital that you inform us at the time of booking. Some hotels are not accessible by people who have restricted mobility or wheelchairs so again, please make us aware of this.

Do I have to reconfirm my flights?

Your travel provider will inform us of any changes to your flights. However because last minute changes can arise during your holiday we do request that you confirm your flights by checking online or any other means possible. This will be stated clearly on your documentation. 

Check- In Times and Luggage

What is the check-in procedure?

We advise 3.5 hours minimum check in for long haul flights, 2.5 hours for short haul flights.

What is my luggage allowance?

Your luggage allowance is determined by your travel provider and the type of ticket purchased. Allowances vary so check your documentation carefully in order to have the correct allowance. It is sometimes possible to pre-book extra allowance and is usually less expensive than paying the excess baggage fee at the check in desk.

Are there any restrictions on my hand luggage?

Your hand luggage allowance is determined by your travel provider and the type of ticket purchased. The size of your hand luggage is important so please check the travel provider’s terms to verify this. Toiletries and liquids over 100ml are not allowed in hand luggage. Please carry any small toiletries or liquids in a small transparent re-sealable plastic bag and show them to the staff at the x-ray scanner. 

'No Frills' Airlines

What if I have booked with a budget airline?

2Bookaholiday are authorised to act as your agent, being the go-between you and the 'Low Cost Airline.'

Luggage usually has to be pre-booked if checking it in, and paid for in addition to the flight, and you should be aware that the luggage allowance is usually lower than other travel providers.

With a 'no frills' airline you will not receive a ticket, you can collect your boarding pass after providing your reference number from the check in desk, or for more convenience you can print off your boarding pass and then if you have just hand luggage you can usually go directly through to departures. You and your hand luggage will go through the security screening prior to departure.

Airlines insist on full payment at the time of booking and you should be aware that if you cancel you will lose all the payment you have made. 

Visa Information

What are the passport and visa regulations?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid passports for your trip. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct visas in place depending on your Nationality and your travel destination. We cannot advise on passport and visa regulations and suggest that if you are in any doubt to check with the appropriate Embassy or Consulate.

Useful sites:

Turkey -

Egypt -

Spain -

General advice - 


How are the Hotel Ratings awarded?

Hotel ratings are awarded for facilities and amenities of the accommodation, each travel provider usually allocates their own rating based on their experience and consumer feedback but, please be aware that this may differ to the official rating. Official ratings are awarded by the local Tourist Board and differ from country to country. All hotels have guidelines of health and safety standards which should be strictly adhered to.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

These times vary according to the individual hotel and/or country. As a general rule check in is usually after midday on the day of your arrival, and check out is before 10:00 on the day of departure. If you have booked a board basis with meal options, these facilities will end at check out time even if your return flight is not until some hours after check out. Some hotels have courtesy room/luggage storage facilities and we advise you to check if this is possible at the time of your booking.

Can I get early check-in or late check-out?

Yes this may be possible but is wholly at the discretion of the hotel and is often charged extra. We can, if you wish, book you additional nights at the hotel to guarantee that you check in as soon as you arrive or to enable you to keep your room until your departure time. We usually recommend this for flights through the night or at unsociable hours. Some hotels have courtesy room/luggage storage facilities and we advise you to check if this is possible at the time of your booking.

What is provided under the All Inclusive offer?

There are different types of all inclusive options and it is important to check your hotel carefully and your hotel voucher so there is no confusion as to which type of all inclusive you have booked. For example, all inclusive light holidays normally offer alcoholic drinks only at the same time as your meals, whereas full all inclusive normally offer alcoholic drinks during set times throughout the day and evening. You should carefully check the meal and beverage times as this varies from hotel to hotel. Meals are normally buffet style, most hotels have a la carte restaurants which can sometimes be included in the all inclusive package one time per stay, or several times per stay. Water sports, gym and spa facilities are often included with the all inclusive package, but sometimes these are charged extra and it depends on your hotel. We are more than happy to provide you with all these details before your departure and to check what your travel provider includes with all inclusive.

What if I have made a Special Request?

Special requests are generally not guaranteed and will not be on your booking confirmation. Pool or sea views, low level rooms or parties being close to each other will be provided wherever possible. Special requests such as disabled rooms should be made at the time of booking and may incur an additional charge. If you particularly want a specific request to be guaranteed it is often possible to pay a supplement.

Can the hotel make local charges for services?

Yes, sometimes this happens and is usually for services such as a safety deposit box, mini bar, air conditioning, hair dryer, electrical equipment such as TV’s and use of the spa and/or gym. Sometimes a hotel or accommodation facility may ask for a refundable security deposit against breakage or damage and this is returned on your departure. It is also possible that a hotel may ask for your credit card details to be left which will be used as payment for any additional charges, such as room service, if you require these during your stay.

Can the hotel withdraw or close advertised facilities?

Yes, this is entirely at the discretion of the hotelier.

What do I do if I have a problem with my hotel?

The first step to take if you have a problem at your accommodation is to report it to the Hotel Manager and reception. They will endeavour to try and correct the problem you have but if they are unable to help then you should go to the travel provider’s local office, which is detailed on your accommodation voucher. Should a problem be on-going, we, as your agent can help you, and we will contact your travel provider in the UK, our emergency number is listed in the Contact Details paragraph.

What do I do if I have an accident or become ill whilst abroad?

If you or a member of your party is involved in an accident or becomes ill during your stay, it is vital you inform the Reception who will, by law, put a report in the accident book. It is necessary that you complete an accident report to the local representative of your travel provider. It is also necessary for you to inform us using the emergency number listed in the Contact Details paragraph. As well as your personal insurance, if travelling to an EU country we advise you to apply for your free EHIC card (which replaced the E111 form), this will allow you to be reimbursed for emergency treatment.

Do I have a representative whilst abroad?

Yes, details of which will be supplied on your accommodation voucher or tickets.

Car Parking, Insurance and Car Hire

Car Parking

If you have booked car parking, please ensure you show your car parking voucher as you might be asked to pay again on your departure. You should receive this voucher with all your other documentation and it is your responsibility to check you have this before your departure. Your car parking arrangements can be either at the airport or off airport premises, this will depend on your requests at the time of booking.

Holiday Insurance

Never Travel Uninsured and ensure you have the right cover in place! This is your responsibility.

Abta says some 38% of Britons (9.9 million) who travelled overseas in the past 12 months have done so with the right travel insurance, took part in activities that may not have been covered, or simply had no cover at all.

More than one in five (22%) people said they had travelled completely uninsured over the past 12 months, while one in four (27%) said they had risked invalidating their insurance by not telling their insurer about pre-existing medical conditions or taking part in activities not covered under their policies.

This is why we have partnered with 'First Travel Insurance' who will be able to provide a number of quality insurance products to suit your travel requirements and amazing low rates! Their product range includes Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip, Cruise, Long Stay or Winter Sport.

Don't be a statistic - Travel Insured!

Car Hire

2Bookaholiday can arrange your car hire and if this is the case you must make sure that you have a valid car hire voucher before you collect your car. You will also need a full driving licence with photo ID and both parts with you, and a credit card. The credit card is swiped and used as security deposit and for payment if you require any extras additional to those booked. Debit cards are not accepted.

Car hire companies usually promote cars by group type and not model type and your booking will be a car within that group rather than model but they are usually of the same size and similar type. It is possible to collect the car from the airport or another collection point, but these will depend on several factors like arrival time and depends on the supplier used. Local charges may be incurred like petrol, insurance excesses, additional drivers etc. If you require a child seat please ensure you request this at the time of booking as it may not be possible to have one when you arrive. At the time of collection, please ensure you are made aware of whether the car should be returned with, or without a full tank.

Our liability is limited to the terms and amount paid at the time of booking. 

Customer Documentation

How and when will I receive my paperwork?

You will receive confirmation within 72 hours to the email address that was given when the booking was made, all subsequent paperwork following the booking will go to this address. Sometimes mail goes to the spam box so keep checking this just in case. Once the balance has been paid in full you will receive an e-ticket to the email address given. Paper tickets will be sent by post and scheduled tickets will be sent by recorded delivery. You should not receive your tickets later than 7 days before your departure but if you don’t receive anything in this time delay, please contact our Administration Department. If tickets are not being despatched by email, a charge of £10.00 will be added for postage of tickets.

Do I have to check my paperwork? What if there is a mistake on it?

It is the lead passenger’s responsibility to check your paperwork upon receipt and all necessary documentation is received. Should there be an error or omission it is your responsibility to inform 2Bookaholiday immediately as we do not accept any responsibility, inconvenience or costs if you try to travel with incorrect documents. 2Bookaholiday reserves the right to withdraw details based on errors or omissions.

What documentation do I need to bring with me?

You must bring your ticket and/or voucher. 2Bookaholiday will not accept any liability for subsequent inconvenience or costs incurred as a result of travelling with incorrect or incomplete documentation, it is your responsibility to make sure your documentation is correct before travel.

What does +1 mean on my flight tickets?

Generally a +1 on your tickets show that you depart one day but do not arrive at your destination until the following day. If travelling across time zones, especially on long haul flights it is possible that your arrival date can be up to 2 days each way of departure date.

Booking Conditions

How can I view the Terms and Conditions that govern my booking?

The Terms & Conditions of your booking are displayed on our website. If you prefer, you can receive these by post or by fax. 

Complaints Procedures

What is the complaints procedure?

Not everything always goes to plan and while we work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly for you, in the unlikely event you need to, any complaint you wish to make must be received by our office within 28 days from your return date. It must be made in writing and when writing a complaint you must make sure full details are given as well as photographic and/or documentary evidence. We are not obliged to act on a verbal complaint. For further details please see the contact us page.

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